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Made of high grade plastic with smart metallic finish to provide good insulation and make the Acu-pal tough but light and easy to use
Provides a clean and painless Acupuncture stimulation for easy and safe home treatment
No needles
No piercing of the skin
Ideal for the treatment of children or overly sensitive persons
Features :
Acupuncture stimulation in a clean and painless way
No needles or piercing of the skin required
Based on traditional Chinese medicine
Locates acupuncture points for stimulation with audible signal
Three user selectable program modes for 1) blood circulation, 2) muscle stimulation and 3) analgesic pain relief
Adjustable intensity and duration of treatments
Helps with the control of many ailments
Full instructions and diagrams included
Batteries included
The new electric Acupuncture Stimulation Pen, developed for easy and safe home treatment without piercing the skin.
Electric Acupuncture Stimulation is based on the ancient knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in combination with modern western technology.
Designed to detect major Acupuncture Points through special measurements of skin and body tissue. The correct locations for stimulation are then shown with the help of an acoustic signal.
Based on recommendations of the Geneva World Health Organisation, the most common areas of treatment are -
* Common colds
* Headaches
* Backaches
* Toothaches
* Migraines
* Sleeping disorders
* Dizziness
* Stress symptoms
* Sport injuries
* Tennis elbow
* Immune system deficiencies

Elektro Acu pen

Elektro Acu pen

euro 91.50
Meridiaan acupen

Meridiaan acupen

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Meridiaan acupen:

Acu-pal de luxe VHS

Acu-pal de luxe    VHS

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